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December 2016

Our Lady

Our Lady

(12 December, the Solemnity of Guadalupe)


The roses fell

Into his cloak made

Of rough cloth

He took the flowers

To the priest who

Wanted proof before

Believing him

And in the lady


Man of Aztec culture

And holy woman

So hard to believe


Might all our miracles

And visitations

Go over so easily

For fleshly saints

And innocents


C L Couch


John Glenn (haiku)

john glenn now breaks in

to a sky whose stars shine high

er for his friendship


C L Couch



image credit, NASA (KSC)


Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

(Oakland, California)


Emptied of her passengers,

Investigators and skeletal crew remain

Fun with fire, it’s been said of Nero

No entertainment here

No longer


What issues matter to a burning ship?

The dead who ride no longer care

The living must mourn first


C L Couch

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