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February 2017





Inside land

Rock entrance

No way out behind

No desire to leave


Desert mothers

And fathers


In the middle of the world

Excavating wisdom


Penitents arrive


For what’s learned



Earth and rock and light

Are home

And everything

Is God


C L Couch


Jazz Mass

Jazz Mass


Welcome to this house

Of Monk


And many more



Billie Holiday

Muddy Waters

Buddy Rich who sticks for



Sacred syncopated

Earth and all stars

Their music turns

A service

Into lifetime crazy, holy



C L Couch



“Earth and all stars,” the first words of a hymn by Herbert Brokering composed for Saint Olaf College, Minnesota, first published in 1968


Valentine’s (prose-poem)

Valentine’s is Tuesday.  A day whose origin is in sacrifice and martyrdom.  In the pesky chapter of Ephesians, it’s how the role of husbands in marriage is described.  Like the role of Jesus to the church, his bride and for whom he gave his life.  The saint exchanged messages of love from his prison cell with his followers outside.  (Who knows but someone might have been in jail with him.)  Red is not for romance but for the color of the final cause.  Enjoy the greeting cards—I will—and chocolate.  And flowers for an augur of spring in the north.  But there are higher things to think of, among them how we love this day.  And to the next.

C L Couch

Old White Men Please Stop Running Things

Old White Men Please Stop Running Things


You’ve had your chance

And this is what you’ve got

While holding others from their turn


Earth is a hurting place, and

Can it get much worse?

Of course, it can


Which is why it’s time past time

To turn over what

Was never only yours


C L Couch





There is nothing to say

That hasn’t been said before

But if I feel something new,

I’ll try

With what I have

To say what to the world

Is the same old thing


C L Couch

Psalms 52 and 53

Psalm 52

song of passion


Some things are not enough even

From an impoverished place,

Contemplating gifts.


O God,

Where is your own longing?

And where might mine match yours?



Psalm 53

song of compassion



Why should you listen to me, anyway

But I’ll keep talking, just the same

Someone is missing

And others are searching

It’s far away

I don’t know anyone there


But there are hearts

And life that always matters

So I’ll ask

Sinner before the altar


Please help those in motion

Watch around (above, under) the rescue

Help us in our better work


Bless those in need of rescue


Bless the rescued

And the rescuer



C L Couch


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