(for Cameron on World Down Syndrome Day)


we dream, stand up

we sense the world around us

we love what we know

we fear when we are the unknown


knowingly, love us

we love you

we love the world we have

in the family of care


trust us, we learn

we give and take, we want to

be a part of you

we’re born for that


and like you

as you

we make the way

of wonder


grow with us

love us

teach us

let us in the world


we are here, we are ready to serve

in our own way, yes, our way

which we share with you, all people

you know we are


receive and send

it is our way, isn’t it

we here on Earth

and in the clouds of soaring

dreams and directions


who knows where we land

but take off with us and all set down


our lives, our homes, our world

our given places

all our lives

all our loves


we dream, stand up


C L Couch


World Down Syndrome Day