Choose the Day


I write about the world I haven’t seen

What else is there to do


Places in photographs and other images

Bits of sound that cannot spark a memory

But will become a recollection

A safe recalling of details


But if I don’t take in the world this way

And stultify my senses

What good


Is all the patter in my head

The galloping the heart takes

The state of caring for unknown


Sibling places of my own

The people I am

One of

In striving above the rim

Of need

That cries and presses

Issues that are real


Eschewing abstract

I care as if I know

You, too


We are species-creatures, after all

Created with a will

To have overwhelm compunction to go through it


Each of us, our discrete ways

To manage each cosmos

Of consequences


All of which to say, it happens

Over the China Sea, I

Breathe it here

The cyclone ruinous in northern Australia

Abandons me as well


You see me in another room

We add dimension

We have

The future of each other


Hazelnut or a grain of sand—the

Molecule metaphor of

Julian or Blake

The making of a world we can contain

Not to box the heart

But render viable the sanity

Of conviction in the worldly act

Perception’s generosity

Minds alert


We act


C L Couch