Maybe I’m Not Human


Don’t listen to me

I am woman

What do I know


Please vote in place of me

Rule me in a democracy

Of one in which

I’m other


Am I human

Sometimes I must wonder

I should read up on this*


In the mean time,

I plot my course from


For, really,

How could I make my way without



Okay, now the nightmare’s over

I will make it so

Hear me howl across the ages into

Modern reckoning

I am here

I know

I love you

Now be with me

And let me be


*Dorothy Sayers was once asked in outrageous sincerity to pen an essay to the question “Are Women Human?”  She wrote, planting her tongue in her cheek and opening up her brilliant mind.  The title is eponymous of the question.  Please read the essay.  It’s good.


C L Couch