Muslims Forgive


In case we forgot or never

Thought we heard,

Care for neighbors and

Forgiveness are Quranic


In Arkansas, this is understood and

Filed when

The mosque

Was marred with unholy relics,

And someone was caught


The church

That means community

The mosque, the people there


And helped the man with

Criminal and legal


Lifting the weight of



And are there the violent who

Claim Islam

And Christian terrorists are

Part of the story and

Our practice, too


Which is to say

Many get it wrong

Yet the Muslims of Fort Smith

Had it right

And all is testimony now

Maybe in your story,


You know this happens


C L Couch

Muslims in Arkansas have paid a $1,700 fine to keep a vandal who defaced their mosque with a swastika out of jail.

“It shouldn’t be hanging over him for the rest of his life,” president of the Fort Smith Al Salam mosque, Louay Nassri, told