Dream a Little Dream


Our DACA children

Not their fault

They are busy being children

That is their job

It’s our fault

It’s the fault of Congress

The fault of ICE for

Their current directive

It’s the fault of parents, even though

They are being parents, doing

What parents do

Bear children

And rear them

Why can’t the children stay

And what must split the family

Small, complete citizens have


The same as you or I

Immigrants all

Except for maybe woolly mammoths


What is there

To catch someone at—parents

For having children


Was that a stratagem, maybe

For some

Is that enough for cynicism

A rationale for trading

On children

They are the future, yes

More importantly, they are the


They are today

And we are judged

Judging them


Dreamers allow children America


C L Couch




God of all,

We struggle to welcome those we don’t know to join our communities.
Please guide our actions so we may be a reflection of your love.

We struggle to find common ground with those who are from different places and have different customs.
Please guide our words so we speak with charity and hospitality.

We struggle to remember our own times of transition and uncertainty.
Please send your Holy Spirit to challenge our assumptions.

May we continue to seek new ways to find you in our lives.
May we Share the Journey with one another, every day. We ask all this in your holy name, through the power of the Holy Spirit.