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January 2018

Soon Will Be Tomorrow

heart surgery tomorrow


Soon Will Be Tomorrow


I go in tomorrow

It should be fine

City hospital

Doctor whom I’ve known proceeding

Heart device in

Part or whole replaced

I am nervous

I don’t do well in places of


And institutionalism

So how did I teach at schools so long

And why am I looking forward

To the next

Because what happens in these places

And I mean the school

Serves life

To make it better

And I mean the hospital


C L Couch

heart lines

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Flocks by Night

Flocks by Night


Please keep safe the dogs

Keep our cats

And all our pets

Our farm and field animals

And all animals from

Or in the wild

We should do so much more

Domesticating animals is on us

We are responsible

To watch over them while

They provide for us

That’s how it works


C L Couch




Where Is Davy Jones and the Daydream Believer [prose-poem]

Where Is Davy Jones and the Daydream Believer


The news today is bearing down, pulling at me, down.  Police shot and killed a man in a church parking lot in York (county if not the city).  The man had numerous parking violations (tickets?) and tried to take his car and run down cops.  They shot and killed him.  Of course, they did.  They had to have.  It’s not the police; it’s the merger of everything: church (a Church of the Nazarene), a winter’s night, a man who thought his car should be a weapon, police doing what they must be even in an ancient sanctuary spot.  And all I’ve read and heard preceding this.  Too much.  Too many excesses.  Too many opposites that are supposed to merge but don’t.  Where is life in, where is the lifestyle in this.


C L Couch


Back Home for Five Minutes

Back Home for Five Minutes


I pour tomato juice into a glass

Okay, it’s low-sodium V-8

But it’s like tomato juice

Shake in some celery salt, bought

For the occasion

Then I drink nostalgia

My father liked tomato juice this way


C L Couch



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Ice Castles

Ice Castles


It is so cold outside today

And I must go, ironically, to

The doctor’s

In pursuit of health, my heart

Might burst

I’ll try to leave

There was snow last night

I’ll try to clear the car

That needs inspecting, but it

Is so cold


Before leaving, I listen a story

Of a knight besieged

In a palace on the mountainside

In winter


C L Couch


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