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February 2018





Before the day gets too


I’d like to say that

I am grateful for your love

I’ll think it later, too

But now it’s easier in time and wisdom

To remember, all myself,

That I am yours

And after



C L Couch


love image





Did hermits ever live there

Saint Petersburg

Or near Nashville

I guess when the Czarina

Or Old Hickory

Wanted to live like hermits, each


To their respective place


Places that

Are museums now

And we can’t go there by ourselves


We’ll not have that feeling there

Of away and art

And loneliness

As we might live

Intentionally apart

For a time


Maybe, then

A hermitage in practice

Somewhere in one set or another

From which we return

To what the world has in mind for us

And we, you know,

For it


C L Couch



hermitage tn






It is the land that moves

Who pushes it

The Earth

And all of us


We lean into fault lines

Hurrying along

The motion

That will, by nature,

Harm us all the same

(Earth doesn’t need our help)


Loss of life

Among the rescued and the rescuer

Cold irony

In an otherwise heated day


We grieve

For our neighbors

And I trust will pray

Those who do

And those who do and don’t

Will think and plan

More actively


To live our prayer in action

This is mission

This is living

In a neighborhood

Of us


Somos Oaxaca


C L Couch


Earthquake shakes southern Mexico for second time in three days





The Heart-House Has Been Scoured

The Heart-House Has Been Scoured


Ash Wednesday

Wednesday for ashes

Woden’s day


An apocalypse in folklore



Has happened, we might


Then gods dissolve without our

Faith, their

Angels cannot fly

Their agencies become the dust

Of skepticism, disbelief

The province of agnostics

Seeking secret



Those who believe that God

Is alive

I believe

Will take the ashes on our brows

Not because God is gone

But to make detritus

Of our seasonal



The fatal kind that

Render clear sight granular


So we put the ashes

On the outside

Above our sight

So that clarity might be learned

Vision restored

To faith


A time starts now toward remembrance

To think and feel


And live


C L Couch



Ash Crosses and Social Networks


Apology for Valentine’s

Apology for Valentine’s


I’m sorry

I didn’t mean to say it

As I did

I wanted to say something

So in nervousness I

Spoke too fast

And said too little


C L Couch


heart mended with safety pins


What’s New

What’s New


What’s news today

Is not the White House

Another administration might agree

It’s seventy-one

People who died when a plane in

Russia crashed


Adversaries, allies

Doesn’t matter

For all should be allied

In tragedy, in prayer

In all recoveries that must



This trumps all

Care or not

Doesn’t matter to lives lost

But to help those who must live

Can’t restore the loss

Can promise a


If we are there to say it

For some, that would be new to hear,

New to do


C L Couch






lundi gras

because the season is

a day a piece

but excess sometimes lead to excess

in a binary way


so what if Sunday earns

in all quarterly respect

some quiet



before the time

of beads

of jazz

of worldly processions

(you tell me)



c l couch


Iran Hostages in 1980

Iran Hostages in 1980

(52, 444)


I remember the Iran hostages

Held there for so many days

I remember the rescue fail

Husks of aircraft on the desert floor

And I could only imagine

(And I did)

About the crews and soldiers that

Had been carried inside

It was the start of Nightline on ABC

Where we got reports

Each day (each night)

And always a figure graphically depicted that

To me

Looked like someone mummified in black and white

And the number grew each day

Without better resolution


I was reminded of

The Viet Cong kill count each night given

On the evening news

And wondering why

The GI count was always higher


C L Couch


yellow ribbon tree


The Enchanted Namesake

The Enchanted Namesake


I read the story long ago

I wrote the author

He never wrote back

But then how many

Contacts were there like mine

To say the name

Was mine as well

Did he ever take it as an indictment

As if to say,

It’s not my fault

I had my troubles, too, with it

Please leave

Me alone


On the jacket was the mention of

A bookstore

Which sounds pretty good

To me

A good life for which

I’d wish him well,

Of course


Well, I thought the name was silly until

It wasn’t

And the English teacher

Liked in fact

Having a literary character

For a name

As well as

A real person


C(hristopher Robin) L Couch


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