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February 2018

Jazz Tribute

Jazz Tribute



Spoken oddly in some places

I prefer my



Not to drink

But to drink in


C L Couch





She calls death one at a time

And only she can do this

How many of her kind

Might number all the realms

She does not know

She cannot

The grammar is of one, no


No more can exist at a



There is no plural here, for only she

Can split the night

A responsibility of one, and then

Not even that

She folds into time until

Her nature is invoked again

To rend the cloth

To terrify even the somber parts

Of night

Dawn becomes mortality


All this is hers


C L Couch



CC0 Creative Commons

Free for commercial use
No attribution required


Ireland symbol




(starts 1 February)


Brigid lit a candle near

A dark place in winter, where

The groundhog, drawn by

Light, emerged


Saw a black companion and

Never felt lonely again

In the south, she does this for the


And in keystone Pennsylvania

There are black hats borne

On white men

Saint Philip likes the

Older men

Wishes for more color

Signs of spring we know


So by the end of second night

We have all the hints

And spring arrives no doubt

Without our help

And all the shaping of folklore


For the

Right time

Theirs and ours

Is near


C L Couch



candlemas groundhog


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