The Message


Strong in words

Is that enough

Strong, if that, but why

There should be virtue

Antique word for an

Old-fashioned notion

Authenticity, what

Young people often

Teach us

A reason would be good

Thought sometimes celebration

Is enough

Sometimes I reach out to

Animals, even though,

You know, allergic

If they like me it must be

Without words

The word is in the touch

The hand that follows contours

And constitutes a message

The quiet voice

And listening, always listening

And so we might get along

The word is in reality

A different language


We have words

And always should be

Better with them


Returning what we’ve heard

Offering something new

Or firming up the

Better part of what

Know is old

And good because it lasted

There is love in


There is strength

In the word


C L Couch