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don’t look at me that way

I can’t help it if

there’s nothing there

I try, you know

and it isn’t easy

you don’t know, do you

why don’t you try it


okay, here



remember the old riddle

birds tracking feet

across a page

meant a gospel record

had been written

good news

to tell

the Gospel and the fact of

a book


and then there was the writer

chaining herself to

a desk neavy

an alarm clock

I don’t recall how it worked


but it got her writing

which was

maybe only in the novel

I was reading


Martha Grimes


and was this aspect


or the story of a peer


we now have machines

to guarantee a process

the monkeys

who typed out War and Peace

have been replaced

now a feminized voice

might do this for us

if we ask aright

or else we might get electron laughter


so now there’s something

and I’m thankful

now your turn


c l couch


(c.f. The Horse You Came In On by Martha Grimes


Alexa’s ‘evil laugh’ is freaking people out | The Sacramento Bee)


blank page