Air and Space Museum


Light and space

It’s physics,

And it’s Arabic

It’s need

A vision helping me get by

In a crowded world

That doesn’t breathe enough

Plants to air

Us to carbon dioxide

Back to plants

It goes ‘round, and when

Done right, it’s good


I want to be at the Alhambra

Or the Alcázar

Without the Christian overparts

Not to abandon faith but

To find it in the beauty

Of healthy building


I don’t know how to reconcile

The tyranny that built it


Somehow-dimensions cast to God’s own

As if the architect had been

In Eden when

First designed

All was lush

With light and air

Imagine a veil

Blown under the arch

Of all creation, which was

The promise of


How close we might get

Toward living with life’s own

The movement

Without angels yet

To keep us out


All is green behind

After we rest, breathed upon by God

We get to go inside


C L Couch



File:Alcázar de Segovia-9.jpg – Wikimedia Commons