I was watching a war movie

It’s Memorial Day, and so there are

Lots of war movies on

And two military guys are lighting


With a metal lighter, and

I remembered


I’ve never smoked a cigarette

And never wanted to

The smell is enough to stop me

But I always liked the smell of

The lighter

Steel and lighter-gasoline and oil

And whatever

As I watched, the lighter clicked

The smell came back to me

It’s childhood, and someone must

Have had one of those lighters

Not my father who smoked a pipe as

Pipe lighters are different

And he was just as likely to use matches

Someone, though, because today

I know that smell


I should try the lighter again

After all, a fine Pennsylvania product

The Zippo lighter

Will it smell of oil and substance,

Will it smell of memory?


I’m not sure what I’d so with such


I guess carrying around a source of


Might be a good thing

A needful thing

As prudent as memory



C L Couch




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