The Secret



I’m hunting wabbits

Quiet in the library, please

I’m on the phone

I’m trying to watch this

Did you hear that?


It’s a secret

You can’t tell

I’ll let you in

Don’t talk about it


To anyone


Does this sound good

Our own form of gnostic living

Here’s something for a few, well,

Pay your dues

We’ll let you in


We’ll let you in on it

And then you’ll know

You’ll know

Our secret



Words to say

Our relics to behold

And then


And then

Well, that’s it—what more

Do you want

You wanted in

You’re in


There’s got to be more

Well, yeah

We’ll keep in touch

And through our symbols

We’ll know one another and

Owe each other favors



Well, because now we know

What it means to carry on

In secret


C L Couch