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June 2018

Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood


I tried to tally death a couple

Of weeks ago

Starting with two explosions in Kabul

The second device murdering those who

Had responded, rushing, to the first

Since then, schools have been the setting of

Murders, too

Workplaces, neighborhoods

Nature has taken part in many

Though we kill well enough on our own


The count of death is maybe not so

Useful beyond actuarial

The flesh becomes abstract

The quality in tears evaporates

The blood is in another room, not

The one in which we’re arguing

Funding and our rights to shoot each other

When and where we like


Control and majesty of black metal move

Us more than someone else’s

Daughter or son


This is not about an issue

It’s about a loss that’s real

Stolen like bounty in the night

Hell’s gone a-hunting

So ephemeral a trophy,

The soul


If this is an issue for you

Then vote for something

And in the mean time wait

Until changed forever

And on occasion wonder why

Steel propulsions have to mean

So much


C L Couch



Index of /teaching/g/circles




(starting with Psalm 96)


Sing to the Lord a new song,

Which means we should be writing all the time

Crafting notes to go with words

Consider instruments

Tempo, attitude, occasion

We have the reason

There’s no reason

A new song because creation’s always new

It crests upon us with the dawn

That is seen aboard spaceships

Over the arc of the deep-blue sea

That comes inside my house

And yours


Why do we sing so many old songs again

And one more time

Nothing wrong with that

We apply new energy each time


But we are also called to create

Beyond new versions

Why, because creation itself

Teaches of itself

Every time it rings anew


Does the dragon sing inside its keep

Does gold sing underneath the earth

In there melody inside the mitochondria

Where gene pairs harmonize




Measures without measure

Blank pages, open minds await

Hearts ready to practice

To perform all nerves aglow,

Wary of the audience

Wondering approval

If delight

Will we beat a dance that

No one’s ever stepped?

Will we step a dance

That no one’s ever stopped?






Then return to make again


With the composer of the universe

Who asks of us again

To find within ourselves

Something new


C L Couch



Vintage tambourine musical instrument 1960s | Musical instruments …

My Timbrel In the Sun

Hayley Brodrick saved





All the things I should have said

All the times I should have said

Thank you

I love you

I’m sorry

Let me help

Yes, it’s me

Yes, it’s maudlin

Though it might be useful

I might be

Maybe I should wear motley like a fool

A reminder to step out of the folds

Of an otherwise fixed and unkind people

To say instead

I’m fragile

And I make mistakes

But I’m not done

To say instead

To act instead

Let me try


C L Couch



Wikimedia Commons





It’s a day, a process

As long as many are involved

It stands a chance

But that’s the deal: we must

Come together to make it


And afterward we have a barn

And each other

All in company


Maybe the U.N. should go into this

Raising barns in needful places

And then making delegates

Raise barns in troubled places

No doubt some of the work would be bombed

And other work burned down

We have to allow

For that without ever



C L Couch



Catskill Animal Sanctuary Needs Your Help to Complete New Barn …


The Circle Will

The Circle Will


Jesus loves me, this I know

For the Bible tells me so

All of Christian theology in a

Capsule, so I’m told

And I can believe it


Little ones to him belong

Who said he will not suffer fools

It was not Jesus

He welcomed the small, the foolish,

And the outcast

I take great comfort from his


And so might you


They are weak, but he is strong

Is there strength in doubt

In cynical insight—if

So, then I might qualify for

Divine companionship

To marvel in the one who

Walks beside me


Yes, Jesus loves me

Yes, Jesus loves me

One more time, and the spell is cast

It becomes official

He has pledged some kind of

Fidelity to me

Because an invocation counts

So much so we give it once a week

That, like the bath on Saturday,

We take it, needing one or not


Yes, Jesus loves me

The Bible tells me so

Ancient lore

Interpretation of the text

Desert mothers and our fathers

Keepers of oldest insight

Dry seeds in small packages

Waiting for young water


What will be our next song, children

Maybe about fittin’ Jericho

Or whether or not we know we


Songs go back to truth,

Which is why it’s clever when

We can sing all the verses


Time for reading now

And later there’ll be play

It’s a good day in God’s land

However many rainy days

Or rungs to climb

It takes to get there


C L Couch




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