Get Well Soon


I thought the pain would go away

Once there was treatment

But I can’t tell any difference

Is there a waiting time involved

Or did nothing take

Am I so used to having this disease

That it’s come to stay


Or is this something I don’t know regarding

How this is done (that

Would not be hard to believe)


We get better as we do

And outside cures will only go so far

The rest of us needs kindness of a different



I lose my way

I have to find it back up to the

Surface of my life

For, like Rich, I have been diving

In the ruins


Rise away from the crusty, false part that


Will take away in time



I mean the part that touches upon Earth

And twirls inside the sky

That breathes in and then enjoys some healthy



C L Couch


(Adrienne Rich, “Diving into the Wreck”)



Trinity United Methodist Church, Ballard’s Saturday Soup: Every month a team from QAUMC heads up to Ballard to make a meal in support of Trinity UMC’s Saturday Soup; sometimes serving just a couple of dozen people, sometimes feeding well over 100.