I rock

And the music of the Earth

Moves back and forth with me

Waves, air currents

Tree branches in the wind

Up and down, forward back

Everything’s in motion

Everything’s related

Everything’s connected

Everything takes part in the same


That’s been moving every molecule

Since the first counting

The first conducting

Of our days

And who is the conductor, who is

The composer

The Greeks had an answer

Followings without a godhead

Know the one

And there’s the none

Others must appreciate


But when the stage is full

And every part is played

There is thanks and praise

And no one is too tired

To begin again

Such joy is in our muscles

Such love in all our timbre and our


Every knuckle, every bond

And should it have such feeling


You know, once the mystery is done

And all hearts are known

There is a feeling

Something settled

Something ready

To go again

The sheer delight in currents

In inspiration passing through

And leading us beyond

Firing our choices

Approving all our discipline

We compose, we rehearse

With meaning in dysfunction

In all our challenges

Everything that hurts


I imply there is a conductor

But when we turn

Whom do we behold

For now, there’s only mystery

And we must practice together

For the music to have merit



So will I

We will create a song for

Our delight and, when we have it right,

The animals and even usually unfeeling things

Will be lifted

And will cheer

Cheer for you

Cheer for us


C L Couch



By Daderot – Own work, Public Domain,

Voyager record, Music from Earth