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September 2018

Looking at You

Looking at You

(first films)


Have you ever seen The Big Sleep?

Like the earlier Maltese Falcon

Philip Marlowe

Sam Spade

Raymond Chandler

Dashiell Hammett

Many people say the plots are convoluted

They say that because they are

So we watch for character

The personalities

The texture

The underlying value


I like both films a lot

They are cynical stories

But there’s an underline of care

Otherwise, why watch?

I know it’s fashionable to avoid a message

Sometimes the words get through, anyway


They are in the folds of a trenchcoat

In a look from woman’s or man’s eye

In the outcome, which only

Works if

We look subcutaneously

Appreciate not the lack of technical justice

But the abundance of

Sound conclusions and livable ethics



I’m sorry, I don’t want to give away

The endings

Have I said too much?  Sorry, again

But watch the movies, anyway

They have action

They have dialogue that ricochets

Sharper than bullets on stone

They have energy

They bring the oddest hope onto the screen

Something to talk about on the way home


C L Couch


The Temple on Pot-Bellied Hill

The Temple on Pot-Bellied Hill

(built and carved before the wheel)


We would not go inside


We built and then retreated

Outside the presence of it

As God came in more and more

To dwell

We ate our meat close by

So that we could build again

These were our days


It’s what we did and what we knew

And there was little more

We built because

The God would have it so

We were commanded without words

Only with the knowing

That it must be so

And more and more


God came to dwell

We weakened, and we died

And still the temple rose


The last of us will finish it

God’s house

God’s cave above the ground

God’s palace in a desert place

To reign over scorpions

Rocks and sand

Snakes and

Predators who fly

Or those who seek the carrion

After another’s kill


This will be God’s place

We will move on


C L Couch



Cradle of the Gods, National Geographic Channel.  All about Göbekli Tepe.

(image at)


Hello, Kitty

Hello, Kitty


(an image of a tiger)


Isn’t he amazing?

I say he because the caption says so

I have no trouble believing that

The female is amazing

He sits among the roots and shadow

Of the tree


Resting or waiting?  Is he

Hungry or in love or meditative?

Is he tired?


What will happen next?

What happened?

I think he lay there for a long while,

A study in stillness

He stayed until he decided

What he wanted next


C L Couch



A young male tiger rests in the roots of a banyan tree, in Ranthambhore national park, India. Photograph: Chris Brunskill/Save Wild Tigers/Eye On Tiger

appearing in The Guardian Green Light


Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks


All the illusions that

Help us through the day


That looks all right

I have room for


I’ll have time later to

Get to that

A little bit of that will do

No harm


I have these

Maybe you have them, too


C L Couch





The Start of Day

The Start of Day


You give this to me, Lord

These hours and these days

I don’t want to waste them

And I don’t want the world to

Define waste for me


It is wasteful and so earns

Skepticism regarding definitions

Careless with money

Food (forty percent in the USA)


With nature and each other


Yes, I’m of the world, too

And so don’t escape conviction

But there is a conviction

And conviction

We can do better

I can


How does it begin—why,

I think with wasting time


Being still,

At rest and listening

Tempering what I hear with

The community I trust

So many things start right

This way


The Pietists had it right

Listen for revelation

It will come

It won’t be crazy

If it is,

Your good friends will tell you

Then listen to them


C L Couch



A clear description of Pietism is found in Understanding Pietism by Dale W. Brown.




I Touched the Moon Rock, Too

I Touched the Moon Rock, Too


Memory is funny

And I know you know that

I saw the Hope Diamond

It was small

Though small is relative to an elephant

Also the Mona Lisa

Small from its perspective, too

I saw Mount Rushmore from a distance

It was better in the movies

I’ve seen two oceans of the seven

Should there be seven seas

(and oceans do the counting)

I’ve visited, how many now,

Maybe four of the Great Lakes

Though two might been at a meeting

Place—and I don’t have to tell you

(do I)

That they are great


One day when I was in Washington, D.C., again

I saw the huge flag

And it is enormous

The one with the upside-down V sewn on

Fear of victory?

The shape of something torn that happened?

And there it was, a moon rock

I swear I got to touch it


And all this comes to mind

Because I just heard Mister Wildman

Say it was so


C L Couch





it turns out I’m sending up the Smithsonian Museums, Mysteries at the Museum, and big things elsewhere in the USA


Wknight94 talk – Own work

Lunar Olivine Basalt 15555 sample collected from the moon by the Apollo 15 mission, at station 9A on the rim of Hadley Rille. It was formed around 3.3 billion years ago. On display in the National Museum of Natural History.

Olivine basalt collected by the crew of Apollo 15.

(image via)


The Act of Reading

The Act of Reading


It’s amazing how

Letters on the page

Keep us going

How the, which has little

Meaning, is essential


I look at the page, and

It matters

You find me there, too

And everyone who

Has meant something to you

And me


However it’s configured


We go to words on pages

And they matter

The secrets of all time and space

Are there

The words wait

Like magic spells

Invocations standing by


Turn to them

Whether paper or electrons

Our salvation waits

And other stories


C L Couch



title by Wolgang Iser, The Act of Reading: A Theory of Aesthetic Response


image in the public domain


El Año Pasado


El Año Pasado

(20 Septiembre 2018)


It’s a year since Maria

Wrecked into Puerto Rico

I don’t know what to say

Since I don’t make policy, and

No one has dropped funds on

Me to make things better

My widow’s mite went to Ciencia PR

A group of scientists and learners

That persists


They love discovery and invention

And are of many kinds and ages

Affirming the timelessness of

Method, observation, and synthetic

(in terms of reasoning)


Someday someone here might save us

I shouldn’t be surprised


Though I wonder how they were ignored

In their hours

Might be subsumed by the privileged

Who will all of a sudden say

We’ve been behind these saviors

All the way

(and how far behind is that?)


Well, I can still remit my pittances

And pray for everyone bilingually

I studied that much in school

And feel ashamed for mine who

Will do nothing

Believing the corrupted lie

That all is well

Look at us

We are so good


Nuestros pecados

Y en olvidarse


Su vida y su esperanza

Hope or expectation


C L Couch



(don’t worry, it’s only college Spanish;

I’m sure I made many mistakes)

Perdóname para estos)


ciencia pr logo


A Holiday Carrel

A Holiday Carrel


Stacks of books

I’m moving them around

And culling some

To say I have too many is

To understate

They have meaning inside

Also understates

They have meaning on the outside, too

Color, texture, haptic sensations

Simply looking

Reminders that the world

Is bigger than the walls

That freedom is intentional

It takes a process

To be published


C L Couch




Di tabaluga – Opera propria, GPL,

Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera.


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