El Año Pasado

(20 Septiembre 2018)


It’s a year since Maria

Wrecked into Puerto Rico

I don’t know what to say

Since I don’t make policy, and

No one has dropped funds on

Me to make things better

My widow’s mite went to Ciencia PR

A group of scientists and learners

That persists


They love discovery and invention

And are of many kinds and ages

Affirming the timelessness of

Method, observation, and synthetic

(in terms of reasoning)


Someday someone here might save us

I shouldn’t be surprised


Though I wonder how they were ignored

In their hours

Might be subsumed by the privileged

Who will all of a sudden say

We’ve been behind these saviors

All the way

(and how far behind is that?)


Well, I can still remit my pittances

And pray for everyone bilingually

I studied that much in school

And feel ashamed for mine who

Will do nothing

Believing the corrupted lie

That all is well

Look at us

We are so good


Nuestros pecados

Y en olvidarse


Su vida y su esperanza

Hope or expectation


C L Couch



(don’t worry, it’s only college Spanish;

I’m sure I made many mistakes)

Perdóname para estos)





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