The Start of Day


You give this to me, Lord

These hours and these days

I don’t want to waste them

And I don’t want the world to

Define waste for me


It is wasteful and so earns

Skepticism regarding definitions

Careless with money

Food (forty percent in the USA)


With nature and each other


Yes, I’m of the world, too

And so don’t escape conviction

But there is a conviction

And conviction

We can do better

I can


How does it begin—why,

I think with wasting time


Being still,

At rest and listening

Tempering what I hear with

The community I trust

So many things start right

This way


The Pietists had it right

Listen for revelation

It will come

It won’t be crazy

If it is,

Your good friends will tell you

Then listen to them


C L Couch



A clear description of Pietism is found in Understanding Pietism by Dale W. Brown.