(Chapter 10, Actions of the Apostles)


The sheet unfolded

Peter saw so many things

And was told they are all


Enjoy it, Peter

This is the bounty of the Earth

Fertile plains surrounded by

Its hills and all its oceans


Kosher is important

It’s devout and, frankly, safer

But how could there be

A kosher forest?  Or a kosher

Ocean or a sky?


All that is created and blessed

Is in the litany of Genesis

And that is good

Darkness and light

Water and land

Animals and our charge

To care for it all


Everything that bore the movement

Of God’s spirit and carries

The imprint, still

Having been made

Against the loneliness

Of God


Peter’s solitude is challenged

The exclusion of society

The orthodoxy of an elite

Must open the door

Rend the curtain

Opens its doorway

Baring the inside

Of robes and crowns


Relent, ye wealthy of the Earth

You are not Solomon

Who knows whose obedience

He owes

And a better nature

Demanded in a daily life

Turning over all the neighbor’s need

Like finding small, hard, and fibrous plants

To harvest from dark soil


Peter is enlightened;

Through the story,

Now are we


C L Couch