Big Inning


I have another Sunday

So do you

Maybe it was yesterday

When I’ve worked the weekend,

It has been a Friday


A sabbath is a gift

After six days

Though a maker might forgive

A perspective that appreciates

A day before

The next six days


I guess this means

God invented the weekend

And the nineteenth century finally


Way to go, eighteen-hundreds

Catching up after

Forty billion years and change


A gift in receiving should be opened

How will we open this

Hold it to the light

Show it to our kith

And then our kin


Batteries not needed

Already given with a source of power

In the beginning


There are times when we force cessation

For a time

The seventh-inning stretch

Standing for “The Hallelujah Chorus”

Making Mondayholidays


Pausing must be good

We certainly need it

I hope your pause is good

Maybe sometime you will join me

And I you


C L Couch



Photo by PatrickHendry on Unsplash