Eternal Flame

(on 22 November 1963)


JFK died today

It seems we murder him

Once a year

Not out of disrespect

(not at first, not now)

But because our curiosity

Cannot be assuaged


We want to know

We have to

Was it a coup d’état?

So many now are gone

Though not everyone

Maybe it’s easier to inquire


And with the passing of more time


I don’t understand how

The killing of Archduke Ferdinand

Incited a great war

So much outrage

In civility,


But it was counted on in 1963

To change then calcify

The time

To change out daylight evidence

And what happens in



No wonder our youth went crazy then

Protesting betrayal from

Our parents’ generation


Where are we now?

We’re here;

We want to know


The truth is poignant

It slices to the heart

Small cuts or one large


We live while

Everything is opened

Survival says we’ll manage

Once we know


C L Couch



By Eddie Maloney from North Las Vegas, USA – DSC_1812, CC BY-SA 2.0,