As We Are, as We Want to Be

(Advent, anytime)


There’s an invitation

For new year’s

Please join

I don’t know how we set the dates

I don’t think we know

There are forgotten, buried stories

Maybe we’ll unearth someday


Some have already started

Some will start today

Some will start tomorrow

In the vigil

Many will wait until the planet begins

To turn the other way

And many, many more will wait until

It’s been decided that it’s time


In the north, the cold time will begin

And though it might be harder,

The days will be getting


Maybe it makes more sense in the south


But I’m here

And you are where you are

Maybe here,

And we’ll have what we have

And, ironies aside,

It’s still something new



The season

More importantly, inside

As new as we want or need


New year

As we are,

As we want to be


C L Couch



By Henk Caspers/Naturalis Biodiversity Center, CC BY-SA 3.0,