As We Are, No Other

(Christmas Eve, anytime)


This is a good surprise

We are invited to a dance

And we don’t have to know

Anything about steps or rhythm

Or the key of the orchestra


It’s a party, too

All we have to do to respond

Is see the card

In leaves or

Hear the invitation in the branches’

Song to sky


It’s for a birthday, yes

Don’t worry about timing

The child knows of better things

And will manage precision for you


We have this chance

Will it come again?

Yes, I think so

But we have it

Why not take part now?


Mister Dickens claimed

A few pounds make us happy

So Fezziwig will close the shop

And take the silent cost

In that

And pay for decorations, too


We might have to be our own accountants

White elephants might attend

(maybe black cats

zebras to negotiate)

There might be stone soup for supper

Served in lucky pots

Hey, but it’s a party


And if we own nothing

All the better for arriving

What do newborns have,

And how welcome are they?


It’s a party without consequences,

Because we will behave

Enjoying the relief of good, clean fun,

Everyone welcome


The birds will sing

If we don’t want to

And sing, anyway

Nature speaks in volumes

It’s miracle

We could provide the miracle in



Enjoy it all

Bring what you have

Or nothing

Remembering that at this kind of


We are the gifts


C L Couch




White elephant is a metaphor from the USA and Britain, based on Asian custom (with real elephants).


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