I hope it is a holiday of blessings for you, regardless of tradition or having no tradition.  It’s a time when at least we speak to peace on Earth, which means more people think about it, if only in reaction.  And reactive thought can realized in action.

I’m still dealing with new pain, and I hardly sleep at night (from old pain and the new).  I’m sorry, this makes me less communicative than I’d so much like to be.  I’m trying some new medication.  Maybe that will provide enough amelioration.

I wish and pray for you a Merry Christmas, leading to the start of what will be a Happy New Year.



Let Earth

(end of Advent, Christmas Eve or Christmas day, or, you know, anytime)


And where is joy?

It’s here


Depending on your mood

Or how you’re treated

How you treat someone else

You may not see it

The wrong ones will not pay attention

The ones who are wronged will

Because they must

It often goes this way

With wisdom to

Make a choice,

A pledge to difference


If you can,

In all moods choose joy

If you can’t, maybe joy will find you

If not, we’ll have to wait


‘Til there is allowance

And recourse


Sorry if that’s hollow

Everything cannot be fixed

In a day

A year

And not a moment

But where is joy?

It’s here

If within opacity like crystals in

The tube of a kaleidoscope

But made of a magic kind of gem that

Someday must crash through


Into release

A new promise of day

Without involvement of the persecutor

With unbound chances

To live openly and well


A day of birth

Such as this one


C L Couch


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