Ages Past


What do we remember of

The ancient past,

Time of kings

(male and female)

Who had all sorts of power

Given them atop a chain

With an allowance for divine authority


We have some now,

The kind by claim of blood

And those self-styled

I’m hoping we outgrow them all

Christians have one king

(female, male)

All of us enjoy the rank of steward

While failing by degrees in our obligations

Other traditions (or none) might have

Everything together with some leadership

With some success,

I’m not sure


We can look for leaders

Pass by those who want the job

Look for those who can


Ignore legacy crafted

By humans,

Ignoring other claims as well

Consider today

Choose now

The adherence of the house

And running it

By those who can


Who might help us

Not by surrogacy

But by reminding us in action

How each of us is called


C L Couch