(watching it on TV)

“sorry, kid”

Wilson College to a Black woman wanting to attend and qualified, until the interview

“dream deferred”

going into Woolworth’s

I liked Woolworth’s

singing while being arrested

Rich’s Department Store

“it wasn’t about the food anyhow”

Morris Brown College

“I can be smart, I can have curly hair, I can be whatever I want to be”

student at Spellman

it’s so exciting to hear young Black people, excited





I don’t want to do anything to

You know, intrude

But I’m so thrilled

Because I’m a stupid person, I guess

Untrained in the ways of prejudice

If there’s a better choice, it’s so easy to make

It goes something like

Of course, of course, of course


I never learned to hate someone whose

Skin color was not my own

I know my own, it’s dull

I find other skin colors so interesting

It’s marvelous—I can’t do that!

I suppose some will call me traitor

Probably do

I suppose I do not care

Except for sadness that the myriad

Cannot be loved

Have I been passed over so that

A Black woman could be preferred



I understand

I mean, I want work, too

And I know I didn’t start it

But really

What does it take for anyone to get a job

It should be the work

But I find too many places with those who

Do not care in the wrong way



Get them up, then

Those who need the rising

Rise over me

That’s all right

Don’t worry, anything I might feel by way of

Patronizing is compensated by the pain

Of loss

But it’s not only my own

It’s yours

And I’m sorry

For a change, let’s all take the chance

To bleed


C L Couch



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A black man goes into the “colored” entrance of the Crescent Movie Theatre in Belzoni, Mississippi, 1939.

Marion Post Wolcott – This image is available from the United States Library of Congress‘s Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID ppmsca.12888.

Public Domain