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I want it all again

Not because it wasn’t enough

But because it wasn’t good enough

I want to smell cut grass

Through open lungs

And run down the yard

As night is falling

And the fireflies and children

Stay out to play

Because it’s summer, and there’s time


I want to fix

I want to be less open to the world of men

(as has been said)


To save some from before and later on

To have the pleasures

Keep some in a pocket

Bring them out when

Other things have clouded over

And too much is not clear

I want to be so much better

In roles, in practice

Satisfying expectations

While keeping something of myself

Small belief

Small hope


I can grow well

Find what it is that stalls regret

Laughs and still has modesty

Cries without fear

Loves well or well enough so that

Injuries inside might breathe in open air


C L Couch



Jin Zan – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,