Lent 11


It’s easy to feel pent up,

If not overwhelmed


Our world tells us to keep moving

And that’s fine


But if the wisdom-writer’s right,

Then there is a time for all things


In that, a time to let all

Movement happen all around


While we savor what there is

Or step out


Because it’s also time for

Taking up what is close by


Just behind the shoulder

And it goes unnoticed, even when


It presses from wherever

Time to look again


To hear

To touch


To taste

To smell


To pick up and take in

Like a newfound work of art


That otherwise might have only lived in dust,

Which is not living at all,


Lost to light

But now


Like this (dusted off),

We can


Enter into

A tasking of illumination


C L Couch



Adamantios – Own work

Attic (aka garret, loft or sky parlor) in Berlin, Germany.

(symbolism unplanned—synchronicitous?)