Lent 16

(village life)


In enclaves

In clusters

We persist

Small-town living yet with

All our senses


We hear the seasons overhead;

Molecules of air

Have time to light on us

There might be swans

Upon the river

Lights under the bandstand

That switch on at night

Having charged by day

Through solar panels


And we might sit

On chairs filigreed in style

Sipping coffee as we like it

In a café set along

A narrow street

Beside a water’s edge

Redolent of all scents

Mostly fair,


Where we might talk

Or simply stop

The moments

Silently using

All we are


We might have work to do


We will

This could be a day off

Or after chores

Or some time we manage

By our own

An hour we must have

Somewhere inside


C L Couch



Image by Jörg Peter from Pixabay