Lent 17

(city life)


Then the mouse

Visits the cousin in the city

There is noise

Fantastic noise

From machines and gravelly

Human movement

Friction protesting air

There are scarves and neckties

Inside collar buttons

And closed sleeves

And shoes will never be the same


There is energy in mass

Sometimes it’s a push against

The lack of complementary understanding


There is metal

But there’s metal everywhere

There is plastic that has become

A universal challenge


All forms might matter

All substances invite

All cities are a marvel

And all this only on arrival


C L Couch



Photo by Thomas Habr on Unsplash

Empire State Building, New York, United States

I was in the US for the first time, I have visited all the places and that includes Empire State Building, I’ve been waiting for the sunset 4 hours there, I was freezing but it was worth the shot. Hope you like it.