Life is important

Though we contract on its importance

With agreements tissue-thin

On paper we’ve polluted

For nation-states that richer folk

Have hollowed out


What is left but

Value that has no protection

Words in a chamber without power

Charged with nothing but

Intention and

Words for marketing


How then are the poor protected

But they’re not

Maybe we live today

Maybe we don’t get the chance


Because the opportunity

Created in creation

Was stolen long ago

And we are left as shells

Abandoned by inhabitants

Left to dry on beaches

Away from water


The poor you will have with you

Is not an excuse for


Lack of action

Real food to go with

Living water


And who is the poor

But all of us connected

To judge by what we take at last

You are impoverished

So am I


Not one escapes

We’re all the same

As we’re all unique


No one person gets it all

That’s delusion

(you know that)

We share what we have

And leave more for the future

That’s a planet

Worthy to explore

Worthy to make contact

With beings, angels, and God

Of the universe


C L Couch



Image by StockSnap from Pixabay