Naming Things


A first prerogative in the garden

That’s a cow and that’s a dog

That’s an Edsel, that the World Wide Web

And if we don’t like them

We can blame the editors,


There are nicknames, too

Blame-free alternative


Did God name day or night?

Who said that they’re good?

Whose naming,

Whose words?


Knowing origins

A story fills the void

Words is what we got

We set them on a stool

Play them with or without


The jazz of


God’s making, our telling

Listen to the teller

Hear the names

Respect the language

Of the singer


No one knows the maker’s words

What we have

We perform in parts

Rehearsing for Parousia

Last words to name

New heaven and new Earth


C L Couch



Photo by Rafki Altoberi on Unsplash