The Way


Saints and sinners

We need them both

Maybe it’s just me

I can’t be saintly as a rule

And sinning is too easy


Yet the yoke must be easy

The rule must be a way

Not only to do better but

To be reminded there are

Better ways


And sinning? I don’t know,

It could be easier, too, in

Its own way

Less costly

Maybe the Catholics are on to

Something with venial and mortal


I am mortal

So are you

Saintly and sinly are what we have

We are


Saintly too severe

Sinning too lazy, until it becomes

Too close to all there is


Asking why

Might not help so much

We have these ways

The issues, consequence, and


Though I doubt we’ll say, Today

I’ll sin this way

Then devout an hour later

I imagine this works out, anyway


And since it does

Well, maybe there’s reality

We can’t define one against the other

I doubt we can place the essences

In Erlenmeyers, drink from one flask

Or the other from time to time


We have to live now

And sometimes we’ll be good

Sometimes not so much

We have both, we are

Measures of prayer and pardon, too

The way it is

It’s Monday

Must move on with what we have

Turning the needle toward the better way

Understanding when the dial slips

And we must live in contrition

For a while


It’s what we have, it’s what we are

It’s how we live in four dimensions

Adding time and maybe soul

For fifth-dimension living

It has to be well enough

To get us into Tuesday


All of it

There is no other way

And is this way so bad?

Yes, sometimes it is


Then we are needed:

To employ discretion through

All the parts

The substances

The issues

All the matters


Our way through

The best we can,

The best we will


C L Couch



Skitterphoto / 2097 images