coming of age

if this happen later,

we call it a midlife crisis

three score and ten

we want more time for

the journey

we’ve been on, anyway


but differently—

might we walk this together?

we are barriered by language

and the need for utterance

but on the inside, there is distance, too

what is willed

what’s autonomic

the bits of meaning that become

our thoughts

we are alone and alone


parts everywhere

like a hardware store

(no, won’t say a junkyard

though I like the yard’s aesthetic)

I could say garden

or department store:

the idea is that everything’s in pieces

and there are connectors




boxes in rows




and neurons

so everything is disparate

and it’s not


if you take my hand when I pray,

the praying’s shared

we can share over distances as well

and when we say we die alone

I wonder

you may wonder, too

everything might go together

so much more than we know


c l couch



Alto del Perdón (or Sierra del Perdón) on Saint James way

Loutre1980 – Own Work