Myth Taken


A real myth

Something of the story that is true

A point for evangelism

The apology that says not sorry

But here’s something

Maybe I can explain

Maybe you’ll take to heart

Because the head is fine with it



Northrop Frye

Joseph Campbell

The story told

Again and again

Owned by groups, changed

According to experience


Because of what has happened


Our town was spared

My child cured

Weather wiped us out

We saw vengeance

Someone died

We were no longer sure


Now risen like

An older story

Of the truth

We believe it now

We’re amazed

We’re taken back

We’re scared

But we are certain


How much of myth

Is easing fright

Attitudes made bold again

Through explanation


I take salt that I’ve spilled

And throw it over my left shoulder

The devil who is hiding there

Is frustrated

And I’ve found a use for useless salt

(I don’t do that for pepper)

Now if only I could use the milk

I’ve spilled


It can turn sinful

Or start that way as strategy

I want my neighbor’s land,

To enslave the family


In storyland, we think there’s solace

And there is

With myth, we now know things

And we do


C L Couch



Shinwa no Mori (Forest of Myth) by Taki Toru in Izumo-Taisha, Shimane, Japan