Sarehole Mill


The closest he would ever come

To loving a machine with anything

Near intimacy

He didn’t drive a car

He took the train (but did he

love the train, as many young

ones do?)

He was inclined to write by hand

Or so it seems

With all the inky manuscripting

And the drawing

I’m not sure he ever saw a movie

Courtesy of film-projector gears


But there was this mill

Still grinding corn

And did the Gaffer live there?

There were bricks and

Inside burnished metal

I wonder how it sounded

When coarse grain was pulled through

And did he ever try the product


There were trees close by,

There had to be

Or the feelings would have faltered,

I believe

How near to the heart of Hobbiton

It must have been moved, at last

Turned by water

Providing force enough

For humble profits,

All around


C L Couch



view of Sarehole Mill from the millpond, Birmingham, UK

Bs0u10e01 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,