Friendly Persuasion


Everyone is waiting for you

No one is waiting for you


No one ever waits

Waiting is prerogative out

Of necessity

If we can choose to stand still

For a time, we have done

Well, if



Anyone who thinks waiting

Is a choice


Seeming inevitability,


She or he is on to something

It’s a choice as opposed to

Stamping feet or yowling,

Thinking that would

Change anything

Or a create a surrogate procedure

(though one could place an ad)

Patience as a rule

Should be a rule


There is another aspect

That is waiting as attendance

Wait on a table

Wait on a family member

Or a friend in need

Wait on the Lord

This is service

On the whole, it isn’t bad

It numbers as a virtue

Sometimes we wait for numbers, too

Hey, I know

I’ll wait with you


C L Couch



Photo by Banter Snaps on Unsplash

Friendly Persuasion a novel by Jessamyn West, a film directed by William Wyler.