What We Can Give

(and following)


Grace to you

And mercy

Though I cannot dispense them

(even mercy is borrowed)

I am not the source


And not to splinter things too fine,

Neither I think are you

But we know the one is

Source and giver,

Who releases memory to us

Of past performance

And of gratitude


As a surrogate, I can offer blessing

(so can you)

Though it is not mine (not ours)

To award

But mercy we can show

Maybe not as miracle

But hard work can come across


Especially without invoice

There’s grace in that



Grace Act II


And now, the sequel

We can give grace

Our own kind

A human sort that is not

Of the Spirit

But which it approves


A love that doesn’t

Think of it as gift

Nothing to consider on

The page

But that which cuts through mysteries

To ponder,

Nighttime, candlelit considerations

No, in this light of day

We don’t deliberate the question

Simply provide the act

In, you know, action

That, aside, is enough of an answer


Maybe we own our kind of mercy

As well


C L Couch



Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

“music in the air”