And Now a Word


And now for something spiritual

I wrote about the rain

And something about poets’ politics

But what about ethereal


The gossamer wings that haunt

My nether vision because I want

To see them now

I want to meet my guardian

And any other sponsors

I want to have Jesus or any of his

Colleagues to visit me

I can make some coffee

And serve toast


I want the cross to mean something to me

Or any other totem

Should I have it wrong

Not an item blank against the wall

I bought on sale somewhere


I want it to be over

I want it to begin

If only it were only about me

Because what I want is solid


No more of a story without ending

One chapter more, one chapter more

Bring on Armageddon but

Only if it’s civil

We know it’s only been a metaphor

All along


I’ll call up a gentle apocalypse, thank you

Deliver it on time

Draw up ranks on either side

There are those who will never believe

Too bad



I’ll conjure up new places

And activities for the faithful

What, there’s more to do in heaven?

I don’t think so


And so apostacy is earned

For simply being stupid

For calling on God

When God’s not ready

When official victory

With concomitant defeats

Must be held off now

Until a better ruler says so

She’ll have the better prophet with her

Who will know what’s what

And how to say it, really


C L Couch



Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash