A London Bridge


The world might fall down

Like ashes and posies and the rose

And I might still be here

Not in a privileged place

Heavens, no

But in my corner near

A wide and tall, empty room

Where I keep passionate discipline

That must sound odd

But I’m here every day, it seems

(hospitals notwithstanding)

More and more, no matter what

(we’ll find out about the hospitals)

I create

Or better (truer) co-create



Something good? I hope so

I don’t know

I’ve earned not enough to have

It all alone

But as each day affords

(in every way)

I will be in my place

Where I need few things:

Air, moving air, windows, walls for

The windows, a writing machine

And, as Erasmus has been cited

About books,

With whatever left some food and drink


I’m here right now

Maybe I’ll be with you soon


C L Couch



Photo by Harshil Gudka on Unsplash