No Sin Required to Have Grace Abound

(Romans 6:1 and 2, that funny, funny Paul)



I want to write about it

Maybe because I need it

I don’t know how the mealtime

Prayer became “grace”

Because grace is momentary?

We ask for your blessing now, because

We’ll only need it

‘Til the food is gone


Grace is a surprise

And, as I’ve said, like a bird

It flies, it alights, it sings

It takes off again

Grace goes where it is needed

Costs nothing, and it saves

Sometimes we do get

What we didn’t pay for


Grace cuts through works

Though doesn’t undervalue them

(show me faith without works)

Like Jesus, grace provides means

And a way to God

Though discipleship is not required


When you receive grace,

Nothing is required

But a hope (a hope) for better living

And sometime or no time

To respond to

What goes quietly below

A plea for faith

An argument to hear


If not, then not

Grace will help us, anyway

That is its nature

And its calling

You can hear in every bird

Even the ostrich through the sand

(I don’t think ostriches really do that

I can look that up

I did: they don’t)


C L Couch



Donarreiskoffer – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

clear and helpful article about ostriches and sand