Fortune Favors


Because the day looks so good outside

And the a-c keeps things cool

I am thankful

If I lose these, one by one

I’ll still have the day

Even in blank hours



Let Sleeping Dogs


Cats are good

(yes, they are)

And dogs have their pedigree

For service

For licks that land in time

The paw that finds the sadness

In a soul



If You Please


If God allows

I will have coffee now

A quiet moment

With the sound of toast

These will be the monuments

Of my day

With some work

Unmeasurable accomplishment

The book of small things

Will record

So that nothing fine

The stuff of molecules

Is lost



Sometimes It Rhymes


I’d like to think my spirit

Has a rest

When all is said and done

Something that is bless’d


In all things, one by one

I like to think when heaven’s come

‘Cause everything was done

I will approach the dome


To find that nothing will abate

I cannot face a test

Surprise, the lock is off the gate

Not caring who was best


And I will have a place, a room

With high windows, please

Ruffled wings, a sonic boom

I am at ease


My better angels reassigned

To know that it is good

Everything is realigned

A could become a should


And so the sleep is over

Four leaves in a clover

Departure to arrive

We know once again, alive



C L Couch



Lac de Malsaucy, Évette-Salbert, France