Secular Gospel


We cannot save ourselves

Though there is something for us

In soteriology


There is a cracked notion

(I tried it once in college

as an exercise)

That a ruinous approach to everything

Will hasten Armageddon

As designed by God


To think that we can hasten divinities

Is vanity

That aliens would not presume

In visitation,

Our unbelieving version

Passing for so much heaven


We must do what we can

We should

In tandem

Propelling our machines

That forward health

(that kind of prosperity)

Dismantling others


Swords into ploughshares, maybe

Cooling off the world

For fuel and forward-thinking

The gospel that’s enough

For now

Securing then beginning

The next chapter


C L Couch



Arts of Peace in Washington, D.C. Sculpted by James Earle Fraser.

Dan Vera – Photograph of public monument, Public Domain,