One-Sided Catechism



I wonder Tevye-like,


When will I be rich

And healthy enough

To take it and relish the

Easy pleasures of the



When will I be young again

(and in so many ways

the first time)

To have a spirit free

Of mortal weights

Or maybe a few

To start

Of the more pernicious


To be rid of

So I might leap the

Barricades of illness

And of penury?


When, O Lord,

Will you love me less and

More than enough

That I might walk the world

In ignorance with

Something in my pocket

For a change

(more than change)?


I know you love me, Lord:

Would you make that at least

A little less challenging?



(exasperated sighs),

I’m waiting, Lord



C L Couch



kamshots – Fiddler in Darband, CC BY 2.0,