Blessed Insurance

(for anyone on Sunday morning)


I sing this while

My world falls apart

My older child might run away

My job is on the line


The car needs so much work

I haven’t seen or felt

My partner smile, really smile

In a while


I don’t want to know

The balances

I can’t think about what happens next

Can’t think about what else


The church organ might be better

Suited at a ball park

The pastor tries to sing along

I think I see the words on the page


There is no harm in singing, too

I guess

Who hears, who cares

I know it isn’t that bad


C L Couch



Image by PhotoGrafix from Pixabay



note on me

I’m not in the hospital anymore.  I’ve been diagnosed with infections and am taking an antibiotic.  I still feel lousy.  Maybe less?  It’s hard to tell.  Thank you for your prayers!  They are potent.