Times goes in ribbons,

Moving flat, overtwining

Three or more to make a braid

Or some kind of Moebius phenomenon

The writer lives in Spain

Time is different there for him

I live in the Northeast

Time moves incessant

Where busyness is a virtue


Invoke Einstein

The bridging through wormholes

Impedance, or allowance, of dark matter

Making standing still to FTL all



And in a possible time,

What cannot be invented

What cannot be savored

In all moments


And as a coda, wonder with me


What might be the artifacts


I’ve imagined time, my time

My life as

A banner or

A tapestry

(if a banner, I suppose there is a message

though I don’t know what that is)

All things are kept

All things recorded

The thread might not all be lasting

Some might have come undone

Been burned through misapprehension

Or bad days for

Another reason

But one strand, at least

Maybe two strands

Keeps or keep

The rest

So that there is intactness

To the living

With a record for accounting

Or maybe, only for display

When all is done

And Parousia installs

A great exhibition


I doubt any of my thread is gold

But I do bid for colors

Of all kinds

With bumps and cautionary stitching

Here and there

I don’t know how concerned I am

That the edges be so straight


C L Couch



Time isn’t the same everywhere.

[my emphasis]

You can think about pause as a habit. One executive I worked with would take five minutes to himself, to do nothing in particular, before he left the office. He made it a way to close the day, and leave work thoughts at work, rather than carrying them home with him. You might think about designing longer and deeper pauses for yourself, and how you could create a space where pauses are woven into the fabric of your life or work.



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