The Metaphone of Pain


He said it was a megaphone

It was emphasized in the movie

(in the play, first)

Then he found love with someone

Who was dying

And I don’t think he wanted to hear

The noise at all, let alone amplified

For there is a quietness to pain

Small cries that stay mostly in

I don’t mean the whimper

Though that’s fine

I mean the part that wants to cry out


Afraid to meet an indifferent world decrying

There are problems all over,



Get up and get on with it


But this is why

A Grief Observed is better than

The Problem of Pain

It got through

We listen

As we feel

And pay attention

Not to noise

But to a quieter insistence


C L Couch



Shadowlands, a play by William Nicholson


Albert Bridge, CC BY-SA 2.0,